Newly Refurbished Hall

#New Floor #Table Tennis #Hall

The hall is now fully refurbished, and we finally have a new, non-slippery, floor!

On behalf of all our members, a big thank you goes out to all involved, and a special mention goes to John for championing this whole floor refurbishment from start to finish.

John also single-handedly covered all the cracks on the walls, washed and painted them all by himself (a fetching shade of light grey, Goosewing Grey precisely) - a mammoth effort!

Special thanks also go out to Lew and his wife Jill for painting all the woodwork in gleaming white “with a unique and hard-to-achieve patch-finish”.

Regarding the new floor:

  • the 2 layers of old flooring have been removed
  • a new membrane, an intermediate non-porous layer below and a new screeding have been put in place
  • the new contemporary and non-slippery floor has been laid on top

This should now give us some ideal playing conditions. No more excuses for disappointing performances 😉

I can’t wait for the Club to re-open and I bet we’re all very much looking forward to having a game in our new space!