Ready, Set, Ping!

#Club Championship

Wickham Park Closed Tournament Sunday 21st May 2023


The annual table tennis tournament is right around the corner and players are gearing up for the competition. This years tournament promises to be the most competitive yet, with 16 players from all teams in attendance.

The tournament will begin with a round-robin tournament featuring all the participants. There will be 4 groups of 4 players. This will allow players to showcase their skills and determine the best of the best. After the round-robin tournament, the top 2 players will advance to the knockout stages, where the competition will become even more intense. The bottom 2 players will be given a chance to shine as well by entering the plate tournament. 

The tournament is open to all members of all ages and skill levels, so everyone has a chance to compete. In addition, there will be a double tournament (drawn partnership). This will give players a chance to showcase their skills in a different atmosphere, as well as providing some entertainment for spectators. The tournament promises to be a great event, and its sure to be an exciting experience for everyone involved. 

There will be prizes for winners and runners-up of all 3 tournament, so everyone can have something to strive for.

There's still some spaces left, so make sure to register for the tournament and come out and show.